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MxCalc SE 2.0

MxCalc SE 2.0

MxCalc SE Publisher's Description

MxCalc is a 5-in-One Utility tool. It comes with a Unit Converter, Currency Converter, Scientific Evaluator, Loan Calculator. & Amortization table generator.

MxCalc Features :-

  • Free !! MxCalc - RPN Calculator.
  • Free !! Unit Converter Desktop Version.
  • Most comprehensive converter with 2900+ Units & 50000+ Conversions. new
  • Currency Converter with daily updates. new
  • New Display.
  • Fully featured 15 uses trial which can be used in months

    Unit Converter

  • Most comprehensive unit converter utility tool.
  • Comes with 150+ categories, 2900+ Units and 50000+ conversions.
  • It allows to add more units to the already exhaustive colletion.
  • Option to hide rearly used Categories & Units. This enables you to quickly locate the units and do the conversion.
  • A smartly designed input panel not only helps entering numbers but also increases the view area by showing more units at one time.

    Categories Absolute Zero
    Acceleration ( Angular )
    Acceleration ( Linear )
    Activation Energy
    Angular Momentum
    Area per unit Volume
    Boltzmann Constant
    Charge / Mole
    Cost of Power
    Cutting Tools
    Data Rate
    Data Storage

    Dynamic Fluidity (1/viscosity)
    Electric Dipole Moment
    Electric Field Strength
    Electrical Capacitence
    Electrical Charge
    Electrical Conductivity
    Electrical Current
    Electrical Inductance
    Electrical Potential
    Electrical Resistance
    Electrical Resistivity
    Energy Flux
    Energy per unit AreaEnthalpy
    Feet of Pipe
    Flow Rate( Mass )
    Flow Rate( Volume )

    Force ( Body )
    Force Per Unit Mass
    Fouling Factor
    Fuel Efficiency
    Geometric Displacement
    Heat of Combustion
    Heat of Fusion
    Heat of Vaporisation
    Heat Transfer Co-efficient
    Henry''''s Law Constant
    Integration Constant
    Intensity of Ionising Radiation
    Kinetic Energy of Turbulence

    and many more ..

    Currency Converter
    Convert currency values to various currencies. Convert between over 170 different currencies with Daily updated currency exchange rate.
    Absolute Zero
    Andorran Franc
    Andorran Peseta
    Utd. Arab Emir. Dirham
    Afghanistan Afghani
    Albanian Lek
    NL Antillian Guilder
    Angolan New Kwanza
    Argentine Peso
    Austrian Schilling
    Australian Dollar
    Aruban Florin
    Barbados Dollar
    Bangladeshi Taka
    Belgian Franc
    Bulgarian Lev
    Bahraini Dinar
    Burundi Franc
    Bermudian Dollar
    Brunei Dollar
    Bolivian Boliviano
    Brazilian Real
    Bahamian Dollar
    Bhutan Ngultrum
    Botswana Pula
    Belize Dollar
    Canadian Dollar
    Swiss Franc
    Chilean Peso
    Chinese Yuan Renminbi
    Colombian Peso
    Costa Rican Colon
    Serbian Dinar
    Cuban Convertible Peso
    Cuban Peso
    Cape Verde Escudo
    Cyprus Pound
    Czech Koruna
    German Mark
    Djibouti Franc
    Danish Krone

    Dominican R. Peso
    Algerian Dinar
    Ecuador Sucre
    Estonian Kroon
    Egyptian Pound
    Spanish Peseta
    Ethiopian Birr
    Finnish Markka
    Fiji Dollar
    Falkland Islands Pound
    French Franc
    British Pound
    Ghanaian Cedi
    Gibraltar Pound
    Gambian Dalasi
    Guinea Franc
    Greek Drachma
    Guatemalan Quetzal
    Guyanese Dollar
    Hong Kong Dollar
    Honduran Lempira
    Croatian Kuna
    Haitian Gourde
    Hungarian Forint
    Indonesian Rupiah
    Irish Punt
    Israeli New Shekel
    Indian Rupee
    Iraqi Dinar
    Iranian Rial
    Iceland Krona
    Italian Lira
    Jamaican Dollar
    Jordanian Dinar
    Japanese Yen
    Kenyan Shilling
    Cambodian Riel
    Comoros Franc
    North Korean Won
    South-Korean Won

    Kuwaiti Dinar
    Cayman Islands Dollar
    Kazakhstan Tenge
    Lao Kip
    Lebanese Pound
    Sri Lanka Rupee
    Liberian Dollar
    Lesotho Loti
    Lithuanian Litas
    Luxembourg Franc
    Latvian Lats
    Libyan Dinar
    Moroccan Dirham
    Malagasy Ariary
    Malagasy Ariary
    Myanmar Kyat
    Mongolian Tugrik
    Macau Pataca
    Mauritanian Ouguiya
    Maltese Lira
    Mauritius Rupee
    Maldive Rufiyaa
    Malawi Kwacha
    Mexican Peso
    Malaysian Ringgit
    Mozambique Metical
    Namibia Dollar
    Nigerian Naira
    Nicaraguan Cordoba Oro
    Dutch Guilder
    Norwegian Kroner
    Nepalese Rupee
    New Zealand Dollar
    Omani Rial
    Panamanian Balboa
    Peruvian Nuevo Sol
    and many more...

    Scientific Evaluator Evaluate expressions and directly convert them using the unit converter utility.

  • Superlative collection of operators.
  • Memory Functions.
  • Instant reference to recent calculations.

    Function Categories
  • Math
  • Trigonometric
  • Hyperbolic
  • Inverse Hyperbolic

    exp, log, log2, log10, abs, sgn, sqr, rnd, int, sqrt
    sin, cos, tan, cot, sec, csc, asin, acos, atan, acot, asec, acsc
    sinh, cosh, tanh, coth, sech, csch, asinh, acosh, atanh, acoth, asech, acsch

    Loan Calculator

    Calculate the Total interest, monthly interest, monthly payment, monthly breakup on Principal paid and interest paid .

  • Easy to use.
  • Complete chart of all the months

    Amortization Table

    Generate Amortization table with Escrow and Extra principal as optional inputs.

  • Easy to use.
  • Complete chart of all the months

    Note :- Free products delivered seprately.
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